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19 April 2005 @ 11:16 am
I'm ill...  
Yes, you can feel with me now.
I'm ill. Since Saturday.
I've not been ill for four days in a long time.
I've got a sore throat, a headache... and once in a while I have to cough.

I found a new cool song... "Ich bin dagegen" which means something like "I am against it"

I am against it, because you are for it.
I am against it, I am not like you
I am against it, no matter what's it about
I am against it, because you don't understand anything about it.

I am against it, I say it once again
I am against it, it doesn't matter why
I am against it, even if you don't like it
I call it freedom, you call it lack of respect.

Of course that isn't all of the song, but I'm way to ill to translate it all.

And I hate it how the media try to make us believe that some no-name band is really great and we need to listen to them?
Has any of you heard of "Sugerplum Fairy"? Well, I haven't!
And I don't intent to.
Die Ärzte - Ich bin dagegen