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28 August 2007 @ 10:25 pm
Because Jack and the Doctor so would have strange kids...  
[04:17] olimlux: Thinking about it I also have an idea for a "Return of the Master" story
[04:18] planetkiller1225: yay! Master
[04:18] olimlux: abducting the kids
[04:19] olimlux: for his own pleasure.
[04:19] olimlux: Remember, it´s always more fun to spoil other´s children than your own
[04:20] planetkiller1225: ah. he's going to teach them to be bratty.
[04:21] planetkiller1225: that's going to be far worse to the Doctor and Jack than anything else he could do.
[04:21] planetkiller1225: short of harming the kids...
[04:21] olimlux: they are around ten or twelve then. And he has this feud with the Doctor and it´s his duty as the last proper Time Lord (because we know that ev0l rulez) to teach the kids.
[04:21] olimlux: Like showing them the vortex
[04:23] olimlux: even thinking about it makes me tapping... oo
[04:23] planetkiller1225: and teaching them how to drive.
[04:23] olimlux: XD
[04:23] planetkiller1225: "Jack, why are you steering so badly?"  "Um...I'm not steering." "OMG! Rose, stop it right this instant!"
[04:24] olimlux: ROFL
[04:24] olimlux: "But Da! It´s so much fun!"
[04:24] planetkiller1225: "I don't care! You're not old enough to drive!"
[04:25] olimlux: "It´s not like anybody else was around. Or anything else I could hit."
[04:25] planetkiller1225: *CLUNK*
[04:25] planetkiller1225: "If we end up in another dimension, I'm grounding you forever!"
[04:25] planetkiller1225: "Or at least until your first regeneration!"
[04:25] olimlux: "Just because I`m a girl! You´re biased, Da!"
[04:26] planetkiller1225: "If your brother was doing it, he'd be grounded too! In fact, I'm grounding him for the hell of it!"
[04:27] olimlux: "I feel underrepresented! Who am I supposed to have women-talks with? Right, see? Whenever I only mention that your eye starts twitching. This isnt fair!"
[04:27] planetkiller1225: "You can talk to the TARDIS! She's a girl...kinda."
[04:27] planetkiller1225: "That's it. Where's Martha?"
[04:27] olimlux: "Hrmpf!"
[04:28] olimlux: "Just because you think a girl can´t drive..."
[04:29] planetkiller1225: "I never said that! The TARDIS drives herself all the time!
[04:30] planetkiller1225: Wait..."
[04:30] planetkiller1225: "Why is Romana dead? She would be so helpful right now..."
[04:30] olimlux: "I´m not the one who needs a hammer to get where he ( because I am a GIRL) wants and still is a century off!"
[04:30] planetkiller1225: "Grounded!"
[04:30] olimlux: "Why? I think there was this story with the Daleks..."
[04:31] planetkiller1225: "GROUNDED! RIGHT NOW!" *gets scary like Ten*
[04:31] olimlux: "Like, forever and forever again? Infinity can´s be multiplied!"
[04:31] planetkiller1225: Jack: "You may wish to listen to him...
[04:31] olimlux: "I´m  a TEENAGER! I´m not SUPPOSED to listen to ANYONE!"
[04:32] olimlux: *cries* "You just don´t love me!"
[04:32] planetkiller1225: Jack: "I'm sorry but your Da already has a copyright on all the emofests in this family."
[04:32] planetkiller1225: "YEAH! All my friends are dead or evil!
[04:32] planetkiller1225: Or Dead, evil, and trying to kill me!"
[04:34] olimlux: "I`m going to dye my hair and become an emo-punker. I´m founding a band and die of a drug overdose... because it´s in my genes!"
[04:34] planetkiller1225: "When you get to be my age, you're going to regret it.
[04:34] planetkiller1225: Trust me on this."
[04:35] olimlux: *cries some more*
[04:35] planetkiller1225: *pats awkwardly*
[04:36] olimlux: "But since I´m grounded anyway I´ll drive some more..."
[04:36] planetkiller1225: "You know...you could always do a 'Cthulu Ate my Lunchbox' tribute band."
[04:36] planetkiller1225: "STOP!"
[04:36] olimlux: "Why? oO"
[04:37] olimlux: "Grounded for two eternities, unloved, unappreciated, underrepresented..."
[04:37] planetkiller1225: "Because I'm driving for the moment. *Presses some buttons* Sex Pistols Concert, here we come!"
[04:37] olimlux: "The TARDIS is my only friend."
[04:38] olimlux: "Mhh... see how far you get without your hammer."
[04:38] planetkiller1225: *points* "I'm warning you!" *hits some stuff when she's not looking*
[04:39] olimlux: *sticks out tongue* "My only friend..." *pats console*
[04:40] planetkiller1225: *TARDIS hums* "Stop that. You're supposed to be on my side."
[04:40] planetkiller1225: In the distance, Jack and Jonas are talking about girls and boys and that *thing* on the last planet.
[04:41] olimlux: "Girls need to stick together!"
[04:41] olimlux: *Rose wonders what thing they are talking about and tries to tame her flying hair...*
[04:41] planetkiller1225: "Yes well...she was my friend first."
[04:42] planetkiller1225: That *thing* that they could never figure out if it was a man or woman.
[04:42] olimlux: "But you´re not a girl and you have sex. 2:0 for me." *sticks out tongue*
[04:43] planetkiller1225: "It's not my fault your father is... I'm not comfortable discussing this with you."
[04:43] planetkiller1225: *to TARDIS* "And you are a traitor."
[04:44] olimlux: "See? Because I`m a girl."
[04:45] planetkiller1225: "I don't think anyone is comfortable discussing Jack. The man has the libido of a rabbit on Viagra."
[04:45] olimlux: "The little rabbit we met last time on Barcelona was quite cute."
[04:47] planetkiller1225: "Yes. But did you see how many children it had?"
[04:48] olimlux: "Did you see how they came about? No, because it waited till you turned your back before it had *orgies* with its friends." *sticks out tongue because she got to see bunny porn*
[04:48] planetkiller1225: (they have ginger ale flavour lip gloss...)
[04:48] planetkiller1225: "I don't need bunny porn. I have your father." *hits some more buttons*
[04:50] olimlux: "Lalalalalalalalalala" *sticks fingers in ears* "It sounds so dirty when you say that! oO"
[04:50] olimlux: "EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW! I don`t wanna know!"
[04:52] planetkiller1225: "I'm sorry. I thought you said that I was discussing things with you because you were a girl. But now when I discuss things..."
[04:53] olimlux: "Not your bedroom stories! I don´t want to know when, where, why, how, how often, how long, how deep, how hard or how ANYTHING about YOUR sexuality, thankyouverymuch!"
[04:55] planetkiller1225: "Alright. You sprang fully formed from seafoam. Happy now?"
[04:55] olimlux: "I just wanna talk to someone about the slowly blooming blossom of my lovelife! Going out on dates, making out, breaking up..."
[04:55] olimlux: "which planet?"
[04:55] planetkiller1225: "GAH! WHO?!?"
[04:55] planetkiller1225: "NOONE HURTS MY BABY!!!"
[04:56] olimlux: "oO Da, I don´t even know how to meet someone who could possibly hurt me. Do you know how hard flirting is?"
[04:57] planetkiller1225: "Um...*sheepishly* Well, it's easier with your father, but there was life before Jack. I understand a little."
[04:59] olimlux: "Well, yeah. Sadly those genes passed me by and `Hello, I`m [insert name]´ still only works for one person in the known universe..."
[04:59] olimlux: "And why can´t I have some cool blood type? I just have the boring stuff..."
[05:00] olimlux: "Why can´t I have something like 0 negative Iota 8 Xi? Everyone has A positive!"
[05:02] planetkiller1225: "Are you telling boys your blood type? Because I think I found the flaw in your flirting strategy if you are. Beside, 'Hi, I'm Rose.' is actually a good point to start a conversation at. No one wants to call someone they're interested in 'Hey you!'"
[05:03] olimlux: "Says someone who calls himself ´just the Doctor`... but bloodtypes are very interesting! And whenever I try the `hello´-strategy people tend to go `uhu... nice... erm, hellp...*runs off*`"
[05:04] olimlux: "Or is that you standing behind me scaring them off???? oO"
[05:04] planetkiller1225: "I don't scare people."
[05:04] planetkiller1225: "Well, not normally. I'll have you know I'm a people person!"
[05:05] olimlux: "That´s the story of my life! An overbearing father, getting all the boring genes of my heterozygote other father and no date because of the overbearing one... am I supposed to stay here forever?"
[05:05] olimlux: oO
[05:06] olimlux: *pulls violently on hair to get it into a ponytail* "GAH! Gimme scissors and I end it now!"
[05:07] planetkiller1225: "Suicide isn't the answer!"
[05:08] olimlux: "I was talking about my hair coming off. *grumbles*"
[05:08] planetkiller1225: *laughs sheepishly*
[05:08] planetkiller1225: "Boys like long hair! And twirling."
[05:08] planetkiller1225: "Twirl your hair when you talk to them."
[05:09] olimlux: T_____T "This mop
[05:09] olimlux: ?"
[05:09] olimlux: "It looks like you trying to let your hair grow - only worse."
[05:09] planetkiller1225: "Right. There's something else I need to tell you. Boys are stupid."
[05:10] planetkiller1225: "and I like your hair."
[05:10] olimlux: "And I´m not the twirly kind of girl!"
[05:10] planetkiller1225: "Well, neither am I! I'm the oblivious, mysterious type...maybe you should try that."
[05:10] olimlux: *on the verge of throwing a teen-tantrum*
[05:10] planetkiller1225: "Why was this not in tha manual?"
[05:10] planetkiller1225: *the
[05:11] olimlux: "Manual? Kids don´t come with  manual."
[05:11] olimlux: "I feel like stepping out on the next planet and grabbing the nearest stranger..."
[05:11] planetkiller1225: "They need to!"
[05:11] planetkiller1225: "Your first kiss needs to be with someone special.
[05:12] planetkiller1225: There needs to be romance and fireworks and leg poppage."
[05:12] planetkiller1225: "Or kickage or whatever they call it."
[05:12] olimlux: "Daddy would have ripped various parts of your anatomy off if he had had to produce a manual, too."
[05:12] olimlux: "What? oO"
[05:12] planetkiller1225: "Your daddy likes my anatomy."
[05:13] olimlux: "Not after having me and Jonas AND a manual..."
[05:13] planetkiller1225: "When you kiss someone for the first time, you will automatically know it is right, if you lift your foot off the ground."
[05:13] planetkiller1225: "I saw it in a movie."
[05:13] olimlux: *snorts*
[05:13] olimlux: *bwahahahahahahahaha*
[05:14] olimlux: *pushed button on console* "I think I can find a nice stranger out there...."
[05:14] olimlux: "... or next stranger. I said next stranger."
[05:15] olimlux: *TARDIS comes to shuddering halt, Rose runs out and returns after a few (anxious) minutes*
[05:15] planetkiller1225: *sighs* "So? What happened?"
[05:15] planetkiller1225: "Do I need to harm someone?"
[05:16] olimlux: *door opens again* Martha: "What the...?"
Rose: "Oops?"
[05:16] olimlux: "Another eternity? I think I`ll be in my room...... oo"
[05:16] planetkiller1225: "AND STAY THERE!" to Martha: "Please, tell me you just talked some sense into her..."
[05:17] olimlux: "Talking? Like how? Am I a ventriloquist? Who is she anyway?"
[05:17] olimlux: "Hi Jack!"
olimlux: "What are you doing here anyway? I thought you wanted some quality time..."
planetkiller1225: "I'm confused. Could everbody calm down for a second and let me think?"
planetkiller1225: "Right now. Who's talking?"
olimlux: "no"
olimlux: (Martha)
olimlux: (Rose is in her room or at least hiding behind the door)
planetkiller1225: "Okay. I can handle this. That girl was our daughter. As in Jack and mine. The boy over there is our son."
olimlux: "Thinking often involves destroying things when it comes down to you..."
olimlux: "Your WHAT?
olimlux: "Like HOW?"
planetkiller1225: "Now. I asked for being calm. Our children."
olimlux: "Why?"
planetkiller1225: "These are very good questions. I don't know how. I assume the why has something to do with love."
olimlux: "As an MD I am quite interesting in the how. But I can imagine enough that the still love-sick part of me doesn´t want to know..."
planetkiller1225: "I understand there's a natural curiosity about--wait, what?"
olimlux: *thinks that maybe if she can´t have the Doctor as such... and since Tosh went to Boston...*
olimlux: "What? As an MD... I´m sure you heard me...."
olimlux: *thinks that the Doctor and Jack in the same person sounds interesting...*
planetkiller1225: "I'm sorry. I thought I heard you say something that sounded like 'love-sick.'" *slightly hysterical laughter*
olimlux: "Yeah, ask Jack, he knows. And as such I don´t want to imagine - and since I am still British anyway - how the two of you... *gestures*"
olimlux: "You know... things I don´t wanna talk about in front of your son..."
olimlux: *still thinking*
planetkiller1225: Jack: "Jonas, how about you go play or--"
olimlux: Jonas: "I am fifteen!"
planetkiller1225: "How about you stay right there!?!"
planetkiller1225: "In fact, bring your sister in! The more people that we can't discuss certain things in front of the better!"
olimlux: Martha: "Well, whatever..."
planetkiller1225: "I thought you were thirteen. When did this happen?"
olimlux: Rose: "Can I discuss girl-stuff now?"
planetkiller1225: "No! Yes! Um...ask Martha politely and maybe you can?"
olimlux: Jonas: "In the past two years, oh great genius of Gallifrey?"
olimlux: Martha: *thinkingthinkingthinking*
planetkiller1225: "I thought you were thirteen when you woke up this morning..."
olimlux: TARDIS: *humming*
planetkiller1225: "Martha! stay away from my children!"
olimlux: Jonas: "Time is relative"
planetkiller1225: "I know what you're thinking because the TARDIS told me!"
olimlux: TARDIS: *TARDIS equivalent of laughing out loud*
planetkiller1225: "And only to Einstein! Jack, little help?"
planetkiller1225: JAck: "I'm enjoying this actually."
planetkiller1225: "You would be."
olimlux: Rose: "Now, will there be any dirty discussions about sex in general but not involving my parents or snogging or can I go hide behind the door again?"
olimlux: Martha: "I know where Owen keeps his porn..."
planetkiller1225: "I give up!" *throw emo-tantrum* "My own flesh and blood is intent on giving me a heart attack! Martha's offering to show my daughter porn! My oldest Companion is laughing at me! My husband's being a jerk! And my children have grown up far too quickly!"
planetkiller1225: "WHY CAN'T I STOP TIME!?!"
olimlux: Martha: "It was just an idea..."
Jack: "Where does he keep his porn? I never found out..."
Martha: "Ianto hid it under your mattress for him..."
Jack: "What?"
Jonas: "Who is Ianto?"
Rose: "Who is Owen?"
TARDIS: *gets a headache*
planetkiller1225: Doctor: *starts drinking*
olimlux: Jonas: "Da, you know that this is just wasting perfectly alright Single Malt Daddy can actually get drunk with."
planetkiller1225: "If I drink enough of it, maybe I'll black out. It's a hope."
olimlux: Martha: *twirls hair*
planetkiller1225: "Stop twirling!"
planetkiller1225: "You are not allowed to flirt with anyone within in the confines of the TARDIS!"
planetkiller1225: "Unless it's the TARDIS. I don't think she's had a date since the Archangel satellite..."
olimlux: Jack: *walks over to the Doctor and picks him up* "You need some serious distraction..."
olimlux: Rose: "I CAN´T HEAR YOU!"
olimlux: Martha: *takes out her mobile* "A new model. Young, fresh, innocent..."
planetkiller1225: TARDIS: *hums innocently*
planetkiller1225: Doctor: "I can walk you know."
olimlux: Jack: "It´s more fun this way" *carries the Doctor towards the door to the other rooms*
planetkiller1225: "Wait! We can't leave Martha alone with Jonas and Rose! She could try to corrupt their innocentness!"
olimlux: "Besides... would you come with me on your own when your daughters innocence is in danger?"
olimlux: (omg.=
olimlux: )
planetkiller1225: "No. IN fact, Jonas, you are hereby ordered to not leave Rose's side!"
olimlux: Rose: "EWWWWWWW! DA!"
planetkiller1225: (i'm psychic! whee)
planetkiller1225: "No inappropriate touching!"
planetkiller1225: "And girls are icky! Especially girls who wish to be doctors!"
olimlux: Jonas: "Am I my sister´s keeper?"
planetkiller1225: "Until Martha leaves!"
planetkiller1225: *you are!"
olimlux: Rose: "You just say that about girls because you don´t like us!" *glomps Martha*
olimlux: Jonas: *turns away*
olimlux: "Ewww! Girls!"
planetkiller1225: *starts sobbing*
olimlux: Jack: *huggle*
planetkiller1225: "I want my mum."
olimlux: All: "She´s dead"
planetkiller1225: WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
olimlux: Jack: *inappropriate ass-groping*
planetkiller1225: "Why is everyone I know dead?"
planetkiller1225: *sniffles into Jack's sleeve*
olimlux: Jack: "There, there. I´m still here. And Jonas and Rose are... and Martha..."
planetkiller1225: "You. Leave my ass alone. I'm in the midst of an emo-tantrum. Don't you know you can't mess with the emo-tantrums!"
olimlux: "But with your ass?"
olimlux: Rose: *sticks fingers in ears, loses grip on Martha and falls to the floor*
olimlux: Jonas: *has an iPod and listens to dark music*
planetkiller1225: "Ah ha!I have discovered the cure to inappropriate sexing of our children!"
planetkiller1225: (that didn't even make sense...)
olimlux: Rose: "Pah! I just need something to stuff in my ears while the two of you are around and I can use my hands!"
olimlux: "Not that I would need hands..."
planetkiller1225: *cries some more*
olimlux: TARDIS: *plays soothing music*
planetkiller1225: "That's it. I give up. Go become some kind of tranny hooker thing. I'm going to go have inappropriate touching with your father!"
olimlux: Rose: "YOUR place. Oo"
Martha: "Your daddy´s old bedroom? I changed the sheets..."
olimlux: "And about everything else, too...."
olimlux: "We kept the pterodaktyl, though."
olimlux: Rose: "In his bedroom???"
olimlux: Jonas: "Nah! That was just a whole in the floor of his office..."
olimlux: Jack: "How do you know...?"
planetkiller1225: "I forgot to mention that Jonas appears to have latent psychic powers.
planetkiller1225: My bad."
olimlux: Jack: "When have we stopped talking? Apart from the dirty stuff I`m not going to elaborate on for the sake of Rose...."
planetkiller1225: "I was going to tell you, but then some of that stuff we can't talk about happened and I forgot."
planetkiller1225: "And then Rose hijacked the TARDIS..."
olimlux: Rose: "Maybe I just want dinner... for now... Do you have sushi here?"
planetkiller1225: "I recommend that place I took MArgaret."
planetkiller1225: "Or Blythe. or...what was the Slitheen's name again?"
olimlux: Jonas: "They had steak and chips..."
planetkiller1225: "There was sushi on the menu."
olimlux: "Blon fel Fotch and then something"
olimlux: "No.
olimlux: "
planetkiller1225: "Blon! There we go! And yes. It was there. But I'm not a fan of raw fish..."
planetkiller1225: Jack: "I forgot about the date with Blon."
olimlux: "Have you forgotten? I am in ur head reading ur subdued memories."
olimlux: "Ah, it was just your usual dinner&assasination-attempts, Daddy. No need to worry. And he was still in his asexual 9th regen."
olimlux: "And when I mean asexual I mean closing his eyes when going to the bathroom..."
olimlux: Rose: *double/Master-thumbs-up*
planetkiller1225: "STOP TALKING!!"
planetkiller1225: "I mean, stop telling your daddy things until we've talked about them"
planetkiller1225: "And you're getting ready to add another lifetime onto your grounding, missy."
olimlux: Jonas: "Is it my fault that
planetkiller1225: "Yes."
planetkiller1225: (decided to take my mam's approach)
olimlux: "... you never get anything more elaborate than one-syllable words over your lips when you ´talks`?"
olimlux: "As far as I can see I am the result of such retarded talking and the things happening while that and not the other way round."
planetkiller1225: i need to go to bed.
olimlux: me too
planetkiller1225: and i've still not finished my homework...
planetkiller1225: i wonder if there's a header comm on LJ.
olimlux: Jonas: "You don´t love me just because I´m straight!"
olimlux: mhh
planetkiller1225: "It's alright that you're straight!"
planetkiller1225: "I have no problem with it! In fact, if you find me a flag, I will put it on the outside of the TARDIS so that everyone will know how much I love my straight son!"
olimlux: *shrugs* "All right with me. Just wanted to try something."
olimlux: "Why does it work for Rose but not for me?"
olimlux: Rose: "Because you have short hair and no... secondary sexual stuff visible..."
olimlux: *clinging to Martha*
planetkiller1225: "Because Rose is slightly mentally unstable. But we love our psycho daughter, too! Give me a flag for that and I'll put it on the TARDIS too!"
olimlux: (I might have a new OTP)
olimlux: TARDIS: "And does anyone ask me if I like flags?"
planetkiller1225: (Martha/Rose is scary. *makes faces at you*)
planetkiller1225: "Because you are so awesomely cool with everything."
olimlux: (but Rose is cute and can be slashed with Martha and Tosh and anything not!Gwen because Gwen can´t be slashed. That is an axiom.)
olimlux: TARDIS: "Cool like blasting up the whole Dalek-fleet?"
planetkiller1225: (but is it axiomatic? *used GRE word ftw!*)
planetkiller1225: "Like that. And like being my best friend and loving me and saving the universe. And doing fourth dimensional vector calculations in miliseconds."
planetkiller1225: "In. Your. HEAD!"
olimlux: (that would be slashing Rose, Martha and Tosh with each other because the axiom says they can´t be slashed with Gwen...)
olimlux: TARDIS: *wary* "I think you´re trying to flatter me into accepting."
olimlux: Jack: *still trying to get attention by fumbling*
planetkiller1225: "I think I'm trying to compliment you because you're awesome."
olimlux: TARDIS: "That is a tautology..."
planetkiller1225: *smacks Jack*  *uses only Yiddish I know*  "Ist das shame for die kinder!"
olimlux: "I don´t like them much. They´re like paradoxes..."
olimlux: Jack: *rofl*
olimlux: Rose: *clingy*
planetkiller1225: *pets* "I'm sorry."
olimlux: TARDIS: *relapse* *whimper*
olimlux: Rose: O_o
planetkiller1225: "Can't we all just be one giant happy family? And can't you *points at Rose* fall in love with the TARDIS? It'd solve me alot of problems."
planetkiller1225: *pets TARDIS some more*  *whispers soothingly*
olimlux: Rose: "Incest! Blasphemy! I´m not blond!"
planetkiller1225: (that's spelled with an 'e')
planetkiller1225: "still less issues that way."
olimlux: (it is merely describing her hair. It would have to be "a blonde" then...)
planetkiller1225: "Or maybe, you and your brother can date when you find the TARDIS a date!" *is genius*
olimlux: Rose: *clingy*
olimlux: Jonas: *writes poems for the TARDIS*
planetkiller1225: (nope. 'blond' is right only with boys. 'blonde' is right only with girls. don't mess with me man, I'm partially French!)
planetkiller1225: (*Realises you don't get that reference*)
olimlux: Rose: "Did you mean we can date different people or each other? And did you read too much Shakespeare again?"
olimlux: Jonas: *reads poems in a low voice and pets the console*
planetkiller1225: "Wait. Was that Shakespeare? I thought it was that movie with Heath Ledger and the girl from "Save the Last Dance"
olimlux: Martha: "Do you two want to be alone?"
Jonas: *blush*
planetkiller1225: Jack: "You've been watching too many girlie movies."
olimlux: Rose: "Like that movie wasn´t based on ´Taming the Shrew´?!"
planetkiller1225: "Have I read that?"
planetkiller1225: "I helped write it!"
planetkiller1225: "I should've known that. See, this is what having a family does to you!"
planetkiller1225: *emos some more*
olimlux: Martha: "Dear Lord! I was nearly dating that guy!"
olimlux: "Shakespeare, I mean. I thought you would know at least something about him since he praised you so much..."
olimlux: Jonas: *hugs console*
olimlux: Jack: *wtaf?*
planetkiller1225: (WTAF?)
planetkiller1225: "It's the children. They make you prematurely grey and you start forgetting things you knew before."
olimlux: (uhm... either a typo or "what the ass fuck"... sorry, had no better idea for the a)
planetkiller1225: hee.
olimlux: Rose: *clingy*
Jonas: *hugging*
Jack: *shaking his head* "You´re forgetting a lot of things then..." *FUMBLES*
planetkiller1225: "I give up. You, go off with your new paedo girlfriend! You, go mind screw the TARDIS! You--" *kisses Jack* "The bedroom!"
planetkiller1225: *"to the bedroom!"
olimlux: Jack: *saucy grin*
olimlux: Jonas: "It isn´t all about screws and bolts! We´re indulging in the pleasures of poetry! *mumbles*andmindsexsincewe´repsychic*mumbles*"
planetkiller1225: Rose: *barfs in corner*
olimlux: Rose: "Raw fish, here we come!"
olimlux: Jack: "I might remind you that you knocked me up! And not in the knocking on a door sense. In the ´I was bottom when they were conceived´ sense."
olimlux: Martha: "Too much information!"
olimlux: Rose: "I think I love you!"
olimlux: Martha: *twirls*
planetkiller1225: "Well, if you were a normal person, it shouldn't have mattered!
planetkiller1225: And fifteen is too young for love!"
olimlux: Rose: *pout* "I´ll behave..."
olimlux: "... if I must. And I´m not the girly one writing sappy love-poems..."
olimlux: Jonas: "oi!"
olimlux: Jack: "You´re one to talk, Mr. two-hearts..."
olimlux: Jack: "*mutter*atleastthenumberofyourballsisright*mumble*"
planetkiller1225: "Hey! Do i need to whip out my insanely bad Yiddish again?"
planetkiller1225: "And like you can talk Mr Can't-Die!"
olimlux: Rose: *to Martha* "If you ever felt the remotest thing for me or the remotest mercy for any other living being... get me out of here or help me cover my ears."
olimlux: Jack: "Your Yiddish makes the TARDIS get cramps from laughing too hard."
olimlux: "And whose fault is it that I can´t die?"
olimlux: Rose: "pleeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaseeeeeeeeeeee!!!!"
planetkiller1225: "Rose's." *laughs*
olimlux: Rose: "I´m not blonde and your foreplay is killing me!"
olimlux: Jonas: *off to psychic land with TARDIS*
planetkiller1225: "Rose Tyler's then. And we might want to keep somewhat of an eye on Jonas, because he might anti-kill you next."
olimlux: "Anti-kill?"
planetkiller1225: "The reverse of killing?"
planetkiller1225: (i have posted Friday's not!fics!)
olimlux: (omg)
olimlux: Jack: "Love, what is that thing vibrating in your trousers?"
planetkiller1225: "My mobile?"
planetkiller1225: (it's not fanfic though...)
olimlux: Jack: *pulls out sonic screwdriver* "And I thought it was..."
olimlux: Rose&Martha: "LALALALALALALA"
planetkiller1225: (i hate Gitlo v. NY. just so ya know)
olimlux: (I can understand your hate)
planetkiller1225: (ha! i found a formatting error and fixed it all on my own!)
olimlux: (yay!)
olimlux: (I´m all out of ideas)
planetkiller1225: (so am i)
olimlux: Doctor: *holding one hand over Jack`s mouth*
Jonas: "He thought it was a..." *clonk*
Rose: "Good shot, Martha."
Martha: "Thanks. Those mobiles are good for a lot of things..."
planetkiller1225: hee.
olimlux: (*gives Doctor back*)
olimlux: Jack: *nibbling on Time Lord fingers*
olimlux: Rose: *pulling Martha behind her* "I think we have a date with Maki, Nigiri and Sashimi!"
planetkiller1225: *reluctantly pulls hand away* "I'm torn between scarring the children and protecting them..."
olimlux: Martha: "And wasabi and ginger..."
planetkiller1225: "She was always my favourite! Mary Ann was too much of a goodie, goodie for me."
olimlux: Jack: "Those where the days when you could do both at the same time..."
olimlux: "Mary Ann?"
planetkiller1225: (*too busy dying of laughter to think response*)
planetkiller1225: "Gilligan's Island. Fantastic show.
planetkiller1225: THough, if the Professor could build a car and a radio and all those other things, why couldn't he patch the boat?"
olimlux: "TV works like that..."
planetkiller1225: "Or build a helicopter? Or a CB radio?"
olimlux: (what´s the joke? oo)
olimlux: "Because he´s not you. The Professor was bad... baaaaaaaaaaaaaad..." *nibblenibble*
olimlux: "And because the boat isn´t a TARDIS. It lacked awesome."
planetkiller1225: *pets console with free hand* "This is true."
olimlux: Jonas: *snoring softly, his mind wrapped into soft mind!blankets*
olimlux: Jack: "What if they ever break up?"
planetkiller1225: "No amount of running will save us."
planetkiller1225: "And it's quite possible the universe may end. I'm not entirely sure what the TARDIS is capable of."
olimlux: "Shit."
planetkiller1225: "You are a master of understatement."
olimlux: "Do you think Rose and Martha will let us have the guest room in their flat?"
planetkiller1225: "I don't want to think about Rose and Martha. I'm trying to pretend it isn't happening until I can deal with it."
planetkiller1225: "Though, unless they have an awesome flat, I doubt it can withstand universe ending powers."
olimlux: "You will never be able to deal with it! Not until Martha is dead and buried."
olimlux: "I´m just making plans in case the universe doesn´t end, smarty pants..."
planetkiller1225: "Ah. That may be a good plan. You know what else is a good plan? Bed."
olimlux: "Hrrrrr! Alright with me!"
olimlux: (so, we have mind!cuddling, adult sexing and sushi eating....)
planetkiller1225: (we are good)
olimlux: (brilliant!)
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