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08 September 2007 @ 08:37 pm
... more tomorrow or sometime then...

I just posted a bit of 20_est_relships fic here on LJ, found out that the porn planetkiller promised me isn't online yet, neither Cardiff nor laptop-repair-service had sent an e-mail yet, I still have a headache and am voting for the flu...

I brought something for ninnui and amato_sole, was quite naughty while diving and... did I mention the headache?

Yet I sketched 6 "Let me count the ways" sketches and had about 2 ideas for Doctor/Jack-fic. And a bit of embarrassing part for a story - like examination at a MD for preggers Jack (I feel so ev0l and so proud). Later they'll go and visit Martha for a bit, maybe (with the babies, of course). Anyway, I start to be addicted my "twin-verse".

AND! Hah! I am going to build myself a new computer. Case-modding. I feel so proud when I only think about it. Anyone want to have a guess about what I want to be "modding" the computer into?

ETA: Watching a documentary about the first slash-fiction... that guy is running to the end to the world to save his lover. That reminds me of the "Human Nature/Family of Blood"-AU I wanted to do...
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