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12 October 2007 @ 08:14 pm
I am with watch!  
Well, I obviously am back from Cologne.

10:01 departure from Nuremberg. Most of you won't believe me when I am going to tell you know who was travelling from Nuremberg to Frankfurt in the same ICE and sat on the seat behind mine. I can not provide you with (audio)visual proof, though, that I sat in the same train as Alan Rickman.
But my Mum and I recognised him on the platform already. The slightly miffed look when both of us stared and the beautiful British voice behind me talking about picking up the director... yes, indeeeeeeeeeeeeed. *melting*
And the slight (grateful) smile when he was leaving the train at Frankfurt and I had not said a word spoke volumes.

Well, so much for my first half of the time in the train. The next part should be raged about in German as it is about German politics, German students and the upper middleclass not-yet-and-probably-never achievers.

I arrived at the Mudra-Kaserne (Kaserne = barracks) which actually has little to do with barracks. Okay, it is a military institution but... you know the but.
I arrived 1455, brought my bag into my room which I shared with three other girls, one of them also applying for medical officer.
1500 the official part started.
Our personnel advisor, Stabsfeldwebel Weitzel, told us what we had to expect in the next two days. We had to fill out a rather short questionary, the med-officers also a second, shorter questionary.
Well, that was the first day, most of it.

0100 I woke up. I couldn't fall asleep again. Standing up 0455. Showering.
0545 breakfast was served.
0615 writing an essay.
After that I had to go to physicals. First hearing test, then lab stuff, then eyes. Finally a doctor checked me over, asked about illnesses I had and stuff. This woman, blonde, in her late fourties, probably fifties, about the size of my grandmother (who is not really slim) told me that my BMI was bordering on too much. HELLO? Okay, I am not Claudia Schiffer, nor slim, nor really normal. BUT that whale told me I am too FAT? Sorry.
Of course my heartrate was so not going below 100 bpm after the knee bends I had to do. Really, when you are afraid that you can go home 0800 on the first day?
Well, it was not really that bad. I obviously passed.
Then I was sent upstairs to the psychological questionary. Had to answer 119 questions on a scale of 1 (not at all) to 7 (completely) on the screen. All my quizfarm experience only helped.
After that I copied my school reports 11/1 and 11/2 and my sports badge certification. I brought them up to SFw Weitzel and then went straight to the group situation test (GSV).
0900 we started. Organizing two sitations in a group of four, one a crisis, one about rediving ressources. Two words: Kobiyashi Maru.
The short talk about a decision we had to make and inform the three others from our group about went well. I was feeling alright with my decision, told my companions about it, explained the two options and why I chose the one I had chosen.
1130 lunch.
1230 interview with the two supervisors from the GSV. Why I want to be part of the armed forces and about answers I had given in the three questionaries. If I was politically interested and what had caught my attention at the moment (ALG I - Do you think the SPD will seperate over this? - No, definitely not. [long explanation]). What is my opinion on foreign missions? My problems in Maths and Economics and Law. A bit about my CV.
When we were done with that I was told I was suitable to become an officer. My results from the physicals revealed that I am able to do anything but Gebirgsjäger and Fallschirmjäger.
About... well, after that and before 1515 I took the last test I had to take. Medical stuff. I answered all 40 questions, others told me they only managed to answer half.
1600 DINNER! God, I was starving.
1645 we had a lecture about how we would be sorted and how our chances would be. This first lieutenant told us (and hardly any one believed at first): "Tomorrow you will be getting a certificate and a watch."
Ex-squeeze me? Really, he had a northern accent and people from the north usually have a very dry and strange humour. Someone asked if we would really get a watch and indeed, we did.
1800 I was trying to call Mum to tell her about my day. She was not at home, GAH! But I met a nice military service advisor and we talked for three hours about how useful and accurate the information I had gotten from my military service advisor. Really cool guy and interesting talk.
Went to bed about 2200.

0455 almost fell out of bed, alarm clock going off.
0545 breakfast.
0645 meeting with sports clothing, shoes and stuff with SFw Weitzel.
About 0715 start of sports test. Most of it went well. Sit-ups, push-ups, fast running, long jumping and long running. And I did not throw up.
0800 showering.
0900 meeting with Stabsarzt Müller. She tested my potential as a student of medicine and although I felt as though I had failed again she told me I had passed my medical questionary with 62,5% over all, I was sort of slacking, talking too much and had to repeat a lot of science stuff - but she gave me a recommendation for medicine.
So, I am both suitable to become an officer and to study medicine. Both is sort of average. I have to wait till 1st November week, middle of December at the most, until they tell me if I start in January or not.
1000 till 1130, waiting for lunch.
1130 lunch!
1200 leaving the barracks. Back to Cologne, the station, taking the first train (1320) because I was too tired to wait for Berit or go to meet her.
where my soul rests 90427
Meat Loaf - The Monster is Loose
( Have you seen my meds? )
noctuabundanoctuabunda on October 15th, 2007 12:21 pm (UTC)
ooh, that looks promising. I wish you all the best!
planetkiller: fifthplanetkiller on October 17th, 2007 04:00 am (UTC)
This sounds promising. *crosses fingers* They'll pick you I'm sure of it! And if not, I'll get transferred to Germany just so I can go punch people (and then fix them. Stupid rules).