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31 December 2007 @ 08:34 am
Did I mention that eight in the morning is boring?  
Really, of lately I can't sleep much. I go to bed at 1100pm and wake up around 0430am. If I'm lucky it's quarter to five. So, what do with the new day? 18 hours are much to spend and even I can't spend that much time on World of Warcraft (but I have to say that I'm not one of that crazy, addicted players. I canceled my subscription for a uncertain period of time because I need money for a) the flight to and stay in England b) the Paradox Machine) and I despise cleaning up my room.
So I paid a little attention to the piercings on my ears again (especially the two upper on the right side close up easily) and am now proudly wearing four rings (the lowest on the right ear even has a miniscule Claymore danging on it) in my ears again.
I decided that now that I was turned down by the military I can easily explore the more individual character traits I have again.
(spelled out: Contrary to my assuptions and common believe I actually lost weight in the last four weeks, including the Christmas Days, so now I can wear my kilt again - although I'd better lose another 10lb or so - and my other crazy clothes along with makeup and earrings and maybe I should do something with my hair - more gel or some colour. Ginger! I'll try for ginger...)

Mh. Still bored.