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09 March 2005 @ 07:06 pm
Yeah... I'm ill... Great...
And tomorrow's that stupid German test. More than TWO HOURS to write that damned thing... and I'm not sure if I understood that damned book we're writing about.
But I understood some of the Maths we did today in school.

Usually my sister and I visit my father during Withsun Break. Last year my mum had to pay half of the price for the tickets, this year father is making my mum to pay all. And there are the expensive visas we need.
I'm not going to visit that man next year if it keeps going like that.

Besides... it's quite nice here during Whitsun Break. I can go to cinema in the evenings and so on. Perhaps go to some disco or all that stuff.


It's cold out there! I want to go out and feel the sun on my face without freezing my back at the same time. I could go and lie in the grass, look in the sky and listen to music.
Yes, sometimes even I do that! Lying in the grass and watching the clouds, I mean!

Perhaps I should rest. Try to get better for in a few hours I've got to sit down and write whatever comes to my mind about that bloody book! It's called "Mein Kampf" and is written by George Tabori. A dirty piece of work and very confusing. But it's not too bad either.
Certainly better than "The resistable rise of Aturo Ui", a play we went to before reading that book.

And tomorrow evening the tutor group of our school is going out... *coughs* for dinner, not really in style. (Anybody aware where the quotation "Going out... in style!" comes from? *snickers* That's what I kept myself occupied with during the weekend!)
Don't know if I'll go... but in the end I will, I guess. Won't miss an occasion to play sweet with that teacher. Reminds me a bit of Umbridge on the outside. That all toooooo sweet Umbridge. And perhaps I can get some advice for picking classes for next year.
Did I tell you that I hardly got enough classes? We need at least an amount of 108 hours a week in the four semester in total and without extracurricular activities I'd have 106... That's why I took drama as well...

Yeah, I'll go to sleep now, I guess...
Product of writing is still as unsatisfacory as ever... way to less to be a full Prologue.

'll keep you posted.
(Has anybody seen "Judas Kiss"? That sentence somehow reminds me of it... can't lay a finger on it and a friend's got the DVD at the moment... along with "Dark Harbor". Guess she's zooming in in that special scene all the time! And she has my second copy of "January Man"... Hell... she's got almost half of my DVD collection! Good that I didn't lend "Love actually" and "Sense and Sensebillity" to another -hemhem- friend of mine or I'd have almost no DVD to watch left... *shudders*)