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06 February 2008 @ 04:20 am
And every day I'm learning a bit more...  
Hey there!
Linux is awesome.
Okay, I'm not having wifi and my graphic tablet doesn't work properly yet... I say, yet!
I'm working on it.

I even found a videoediting program that looks promising - wouldn't my avi's be totally corrupted when I load them into the resources list.
I love navigating with the terminal. All the sudo gedit /etc/thisandthat/blah.conf and adding new sources to the sources.list file... that's so awesome! I've never felt I was really working with computer more! *mwah!*

Oh, and I had a mean idea for Twin-'Verse. I'll let Sarah-Jane run into them...

Also, I had Dalek-cake today. Loads of. And Dalek-cake yesterday. And I'm invited for TARDIS cake on Monday.