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16 May 2008 @ 12:00 pm
I hate my life.  
Okay. Tomorrow "Stevvie" (I start to hate him already) is coming so who's got to clean the house extra-well?
I'm at 2h pure cleaning time and have just done the kitchen, playroom, loo I, living room and hallway. Without any hoovering or floor washing yet. Just dusting, cleaning the fridge and so on. Now I'm going to do the clothes room, Duke's room, Nick&Jayne's room, cold room, bathroom I, bathroom II&loo II, guest room, office, my room, hoovering and floor washing.
Wanna guess when I'm finally done today?
Another 4 or 6 hours?

BTW, never was a icon more fitting...
where my soul rests CF64 5DL
nothing, 'cause the fucking mp3 player hates me