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30 September 2008 @ 03:50 pm
Well, 'kay, to specify sh-tuff.  
My laptop works with an Ubuntu 8.04 live-cd, but firefox keeps dying on me.
I ordered a new laptop that I'll get in 10 days. I do have the money, but I don't want to spend all that money. I was just happy not to spend too much money. I wanted to save money for some time. I earn quite some money and I'm fine with it, I just don't want to develop a habit of spending too much of it. So, strict control of spendings after this.
I spend roughly 400€ on flat/telephone/internet every month. Then there's food, water&electricity, the car (gas, insurance&tax) and random stuff. I plan to live on less than 800-1000€ a month. I think that's enough - especially for a student - and I doubt I'd have that much money if I was a regular student.
Also, then I can save money and have resources for other stuff (like my new laptop or London in January).

BTW, I have a flight for 05.01-08.01.09 to London Stansted to see Hamlet on 07.01. Finally!!!!! After I missed it on 01.09.08 - and nobody wanted my ticket.