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21 November 2008 @ 04:42 am
Third or forth day I couldn't sleep properly. Last night I slept 4 hours, today I slept about 3 hours when I came home from uni.
I did have some food during my no-sleep time, though, so that's getting a little better.

But uni was bad:

Seems I got a sort or reputation with the prof now in physics of being not stupid, or something, 'cause he even asked me what I'd said when I'd made a really stupid comment.
I should stop making smart-ass comments and ask him intelligent questions. It'd be less awkward in the long run. -____-

And then there was Dr B, the wife or Prof B, the anatomy guy. She had brought a few vertebrae, put them on the table and covered them with her jacket. So, we were supposed to blindly feel what kind of vertebra we had in our hand. Me sits in first row. Me loves that kind of stuff. So me volunteers.
No one else wanted to do the same afterwards.
So she joked:
"No one? When did you last have the chance to feel under my jacket?"

Can I go smash my head against the wall now?