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03 December 2008 @ 02:40 pm
Update from the linux computer pool at uni  
Thanks for your support and reactions at the last post I made.

Today I feel a lot better, 'specially since my knee and right hand hurt, but not that bad anymore. Still haven't slept too much but life could be worse...
Anatomy is so boring right now. We're talking about the heart. It's so much to learn and remember...
We had funny physics today. I love stuff I understand.
The only thing I don't understand how the prof can wear a short-sleeved shirt in December! I'm freezing my ass off and he runs around like it was 20°C outside.

Oh, and speaking of physics... we have our exams tomorrow (physics&chemistry). Now, some people managed to take the old exams (which are, as Dr T pointed out to us, very similar to the exam we will be writing) and took them to Dr T and asked him how to solve some things.
How SHTUPID is that?!???!!!11!
He's very good-natured (see the part about telling us about the old exams and stuff), but people say he was less than not amused at that incident. Hell, I wouldn't be!
The thing is, *he* knows about the old exams. He accepts it, he doesn't want anyone to fail in physics.
*Other* profs of other subjects might get quite angry and tear each and every student in the semester a new one if confronted. In some subjects were not supposed to have the old exams. It's being tolerated as long as the old exams aren't being pushed in the profs' faces.
One slip with the wrong prof and ALL old exams will be taken offline and never come back. Not for us and not for the following semesters. A couple of years work lost because of a hand full of idiots?
There'd be murder!

On a funnier note, though, Helga wasn't here today. Which, in itself isn't funny or sad. It's just something that you take notice of. But I had to think about her "dislikable/unfriendly" comment when I asked Dr T something about entropy that I remembered from chemistry back in school and sort of misunderstood then.
I can only suspect how Helga came to her conclusion (might it be the lack of understanding the answer?), but I have to say that he was quite willing to answer my totally unrelated question extensively. I found the answer helpful, eloquent and he kept even talking after I was happy with the answer I'd gotten so far. As a matter of fact I was about to limp back to my seat (it's just a bit of a swelling, but it doesn't hurt when I keep my knee straight when walking) when he started to explain even more.
Maybe the answer does depend on the question and there is something such as a stupid question after all...
Or maybe he's allergic to stupid people... or is that just me?

Also, I'm listening to the Torchwood OST right now - and it reminds me a lot of E Nomine. Especially the first few tracks, Everything Changes, The Chase, Ghosts and Captain Jack's Theme.
I've been told I'm making people addicted. First I introduced Natalia (how's that possible?) to E Nomine and then her and her boyfriend to [ World of Goo ]. Then Natalia listened to something else on my iPod and told me I had made her addicted to that, too. Well, it's probably in my nature... hehe. I have style. I show people only the best of the best so they have to get addicted...
where my soul rests uni ulm
The Chase - Torchwood OST