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06 December 2008 @ 09:40 pm
Random thoughts on life:  
  • There are things in life that never leave you. The way your cutlery drawer at home was organised... the brown coffee tin with the golden lettering...

  • Can I blame doing the dishes in the bathroom sink on 'The Sims'?

  • Dr T mentions getting third degree burns from liquid nitrogen pretty often and quite vividly. I wonder if he ever got a burn.

  • There's way too many people who thought it'd be great to describe every notch, bump and texture on the human body and parts thereof. Tuberositas radialis, Spina scapulae, Fovea infraspinata, Processus coracoideus, Ligamentum interclaviculare... we're not even covering a tenth of the stuff we worked through in the last anatomy seminar.

  • If Prof B knows how I look and how strange I act in lectures... and Dr B knows how I look and my name... should I be worried about passing anatomy?

  • I don't think it should hurt that much if I press a little just below my Articulatio acromioclavicularis, just where my Processus coracoideus is.

  • If Dr B says 'The Nervus radialis runs along the back of the humerus and then between the Epicondylus medialis humeri and Olecranon. You can feel it there and if you push on it, you can feel your small finger go tingly...' don't just push your fingers into your elbow. It hurts like hell if you do it too hard. Kids, don't push your fingers into your elbow at the back of your arm. It'll hurt your hand.
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