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23 June 2005 @ 02:30 pm
My dysfunctional love life...  
...and other stories

Sooo... today our mediator-group made a picture for our yearbook.
And you know... the teacher supervising us is the psychologist and the woman who stole my heart. *hmpf*
And then those of us with trousers had to kneel down in the first row for taking the photo. That meant me and the teacher. And we were so close, the side of her body brushed against mine and... *shudder* *squee*
Fucking hell, that's so... unfair or something...

Dysfunctional. That's it! My love life is fucking dysfunctional!

But so what? I learned to deal with it.

Anyway... I got that Kilt on ebay for 20 bucks!!! *bouncesoffthewalls*
That's great!

And it took me only 20 minutes to get back home by bike today. New record!

I had a new idea for two drawings.
One of them is Carson dancing with John. Really *hot*! ^^
And the other one is a comic of an abducted Slave!Carson. Completely with skirt and flower tattoos! ^^ Title: "What ye mean, I look pretty???"
Oh, and he does! ^^ *likespretty!Carson*

Yesterday there was the SGA season finale on TV here!!!
And my mum said, when Carson should sit down in the chair: "Look... how afraid he is!"
It was really kinda cute how she sympathetically looked at the screen. I think she might like him! ^^