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08 January 2009 @ 01:26 am
If thou didst ever hold me in thy heart,
Absent thee from felicity awhile,
And in this harsh world draw thy breath in pain,
To tell my story.-- the rest is silence.

Now cracks a noble heart.--Good night, sweet prince,
And flights of angels sing thee to thy rest!

When was the last time I cried at a theatre performance? Can't remember, anyway...
It was simply great – though I don't want to know what painkillers DT actually is on to jump around the stage like that. But, I have to give him that, he played his part just too well. I mean, he really fit the part. The teenage angsty bits and everything...
And the other actors were outstanding as well.
The part I liked best was the scene in Gertrude's bedroom. To me it had a really deep meaning – in that moment it was so obvious Gertrude was just as devastated at the loss of King Hamlet as was her son. But as a woman, what choice did she have but marry again? In that moment Hamlet and she had some bonding, a moment of trust when everything was said and done. Hamlet had turned so childlike that he could give in to that yearning for understanding, to be hugged by his Mum had have her acknowledge that they'd lost someone so precious to both of them. And Gertrude let her loss show as well. *long sigh*

All in all this performance made me want to go back into acting. Though, there'd be little chance in a professional sense for me. There's little demand for female character faces – and I'm definitely not a beauty face. XD
Also, female roles tend to be ungrateful. Ophelia, Gretchen... they basically just get thrown into darkness and discarded (as a convenient plot device, of course).

Afterwards we ran to the stage door and missed just about anyone. Patrick Steward did come out and give a few autographs, but most other actors ('cept Polonius and Guildenkrantz) vanished quickly. DT also signed a few things but (obviously) vanished quickly as well. Poor guy. Call it a mother's instinct, but I just want to tuck him in and nurse him back to health – considering the state he's in.
Nickelback - If Today Was Your Last Day
( Have you seen my meds? )
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the oncoming whirlwind: me: mephisto - spiritscap3goat on January 9th, 2009 08:53 pm (UTC)
I acted at back in school in drama group - and though it was sometimes frustrating, I think this frustration was totally where we sometimes drew our energy from. I loved our version of "Faust", though my Mephisto was amongst the loosing bunch.

Yeah, all-female theatre would be nice! I'd love to play Hamlet, or Horatio, Mephisto...
the tragedy of life and deathpotionkeeper on January 9th, 2009 08:05 pm (UTC)
I can say I'm really crushed... next day I read in the Newspaper that David was in the "Ivy" till 1 am in the morning. And I read about this restaurant just before our trip and that it is a popular place for theatre people. But I never thought that David would be there after more than 3 hours of being Hamlet with his heart and soul. Would have been nice to be there too *sniffs*
the oncoming whirlwind: gerbil: kat - *sniffles* 4starsscap3goat on January 9th, 2009 08:58 pm (UTC)
Re: AfterTheater...
*sniff* Gah! *sob*