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25 March 2009 @ 11:58 pm
"Second row, cheeky comments, hard to miss..." - "Yeah, sounds like me... totally..."  
Mwah! <3
I'm feeling so productive of lately. Drew two lmctw strips today, one of which you can see right now and one of which will come up later on in the story arc. I have until the 19th of April to fill up the comics that are supposed to be on by now. It's at least another 21 strips with some of them full pages. Good news, some of that is already half finished and I just need to catch up with the strips before that to upload them. That will leave me with no strips for the semester break, save for Valentines Day, but that's okay. Maybe I can come up with something. So far, I have more than 21 days for the 21 strips and if I keep up the 1-2 strips a day schedule, I should be fine.
I have the weekend off, so I'll spend the time drawing stuff. *hehe*