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12 March 2005 @ 12:11 am
Don't blame me, I've posted the Prologue!  
Don't argue, don't blame me, I've posted that damn Prologue and now I'm going to have some FUN!

I am a d8

Take the quiz at dicepool.com

Didn't I say it? No one would believe me!</a>

The things Harry and his friends will say at your funeral... (Harry Potter)
Pick one:
Pick a number:
Harry... said he liked the way your hair smelled
Hermione... said that you were crazier than she was about studying
Ron... said that he hated the way you swooshed your arm
Hargrid... said that he remembered how well you rode the hippogriff
Malfoy... said that he secretly worshiped you
Lupin... said that he liked the way you defeated your boggart
This Quiz by elves_r_kool123 - Taken 5109 Times.
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Fuck, looks like I got all of them laid. No matter, I'm dead now... =P</a>

Your Superhero Name by America_Mamushi
First part of Hero nameThe Handsome (The Beautiful)
Second part of Hero nameWolf
RoleIntern at the Hero agency
Your Powers will come to you in this many years12
Your CoverCollege Student
Your Side kick isblueeyedsnidget
Their hero name isThe Brutal
Now take mySuper hero details meme
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The beautiful WOLF? Doesn't mean that I've been with Lupin during... hemhem... that time of the month?</a>

Your Superhero Details... by America_Mamushi
First take this memeMy Superhero Name meme
Your Superhero Name...
Your Real Name...
Type of Hero...You're a mutant
Color of Costume...Black
and...Dark Grey
Your Main Power...Morph into a water being
Number of people saved...6,015
Quiz created with MemeGen!

Looks like I'm going to move into the Dungeons with Sevvie! It's so nice cold and wet down their...</a>

How Will Voldemort Torture You?
by goseaward
Favorite Character
Why Will Voldie Torture You?Because he can
What Torture Mechanism Will He Use?Forcing you to watch him make sweet, sweet love to Snape. And only watch.
Quiz created with MemeGen!

Isn't he mean? ONLY watch... *sighs*</a>

You, Snape, Chemistry?
by eigne
LJ username
WhereIn The Fourth Floor Corridor
HeMade fast rough love to you and then made slower more sensual love afterwards…eleven times, because he has magic. He can do those sorts of things. (DON’T QUESTION MY RESULTS!)
YouAccidentally had an orgasm. Damn that Snape is good.
Quiz created with MemeGen!

ACCIDENTALLY? Don't let him hear that!</a>

Your Harry Potter threesome with Snape by Aconite and Rosella
Name/ User Name:
Snape:Necrophiliac! Snape
Other partner:Tom Riddle
WhereBroom shed
How much were you paid afterwards?$9,055
Quiz created with MemeGen!

I don't care for money, just do that again! =P

Your Sex Session with Snape by irr4tional
Where it happenedIn his private dungeons
Number of positions usedfive
The best bit wasWhen Remus joined in
He rated you asFantastic!
Quiz created with MemeGen!

Not as good as with Tom, but it'll have to do, I guess!</a>

How Will Snape Seduce You?
by eccosophi
User Name
Your HouseRavenclaw
Where?He Lures You Into His Chambers
How?You both are drawn into an innocent kiss! Aww!
Surprise!You got pregnant!
Quiz created with MemeGen!

That's a surprise, indeed! Not getting pregnant because of kissing my ass!</a>

Which Snape Do You Shag? by Mortifyd
Top or Bottom?
Your SnapeDisturbing!Snape
Favourite PositionSitting in Snape's lap
How often?Daily
Quiz created with MemeGen!

Some action at last!</a>

Alright, cu later!

E Nomine - E Nomine (Pontius Pilatus)