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14 March 2005 @ 07:01 am
I hate being the idiot!  
Need to be off for school in what? 15-20 Minutes.
And I still need to pack my bag. Who the fuck cares?

I hate standing up to go to a place where I won't be taken seriously, only that I can later go to a place where won't be taken seriously either!

My Dad doesn't reply to my mails.
Feels great, you know?
I'm writing him mails and he doesn't even bother to reply to me, but to my mother. I don't know whether he liked my jokes, or what. Who does this man think he is?
I guess he thinks he is god, or whatnotelse. (No, I like good, she's a great... ah... fellow, sort of...)

Does anybody of you know Earthian? It's an Anime (and Shonen-Ai) and Messiah really kinda looks like Snape... or a young Snape. He's so cute! *sighs*

See you later. After my 9 hours (REAL 9 HOURS, I'm there from 8 to 5) in hell.

cynical and angry
cynical and angry
Pappa Roach - Walking through barbed wire