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15 March 2005 @ 03:42 pm
'Bout Lunch, tests and lazyness  
Why is "Lunch" not a mood at LJ? Or "Dinner" or "Breakfast" or "Eating"?
Well... those are not really moods, but "Lunch" definitely is! I mean... "Lunch" is something pleasing, a break after a hard lonely day... and even if you know that there still is something to come... it's a break and you can rest a bit... and eat!

I feel like "Lunch" right now. Just me and my sandwich.

The test was surprisingly easy... We had to explain what's so highly unusual about Michael Moore's style of writing, to sum up his thoughts about right-winged people, had a listening comprehension (this still was the worst because sometimes I just didn't understand him... and all those idiots from my class didn't know the expression 'to create havoc' *rolleyes* ) and needed to write a composition about:
a) Is capital punishment necessary?
b) Education - the key to integration of ethnic minorities
c) What part should morals play in our life?

And then the crappy vocabulary. That was the easiest part of all. The teacher practically donated me 10 points. *rolleyes*

Now my sandwich is gone and the feeling of lunch almost vanished as well...
Art was horror today... I was sitting there, my 'sculpture' already finished and drawing Tom and the bastard was breathing down my neck, asking me why I'd do something like that. What a question!
Because it's fun... moron!

You see, I was in a very good mood today... just lovely!

Now... I'm going to write(uhm, Harry/Draco)... or draw(same as writing)... or tidy up me room(boring)... or scan one of my drawings(tooo lazy)...
Or sleep...

Loreena McKernitt - Dante's Prayer