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18 March 2005 @ 03:59 pm
Bouncing around the room...  
Aw... finally weekend.
And easter break!

And less then one and a half hours until we're gonna pick my friend up from the train station. She's gonna stay until thursday evening. That's gonna be so great!
*bounces around the room*

We're currently watching "Bend it like Beckham" (Don't know the American title... but it's different...) in English...
It's funny. We had to stop at the point where Tony confessed to Jess that he's gay, Jules mother thinks that Jules has feelings for Jess, Jules thinks that Joe is going at the end of the season and that he has feelings for Jess, and basically everyone thinks that Jess is shagging Joe and Pinky finally will marry Teetu at 25th. But on 25th also the final is taking place and so Jess has to decide whether to play and to disappoint her family, or to attend the marriage and to disappoint the team. (If anyone's going to spill the end, I'm gonna kill the slowly and painfully!)
I've gotta wait for two weeks now, until I'll find out wheter Jules is going to America or not and whether Jess and Joe really are going to date each other.
My favourite part of the film:
Jess: "She called me Paki! Do you know how this pains?"
Joe (takes her hands in his): "I'm irish. I know it!"

And I love Juliet Stevenson. She's so great in that film! At first I thought she must be either insane to play such a part or very desperate for the money.
But know I simply adore her character. As Jules' mother she's got so many just marvelous scenes. *falls on her knees and thanks god for the invention of British Actors and Actresses*

The scanner didn't get all the lovely shading. He's about fourty or fifty... dunno...

Must hurry, my mum's home!


My sister pityful interpretation of "My heart will go on"
( Have you seen my meds? )
(Deleted comment)
the oncoming whirlwindscap3goat on March 18th, 2005 11:54 pm (UTC)
Yeah, even my mum grinned when she saw it and she claims to not like Tom.
He's just so gorgeous! I really really like him!

Now that I'm comparing your icon to my drawing, I realize how similar my Tom is to film!Tom. That's rather an archievment!

(Too tired to care about spelling)