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22 March 2005 @ 10:27 pm
Calling of the Shadows - Chapter 1  
Now I've seen the first three episodes of "Earthian" and I love it!
Chihaya is just so cute! And he reminds me of Harry. Kagetsuya is a bit like Severus or Tom, although he looks not like them.
Hyman from episode two reminded me of canon!Snape and Messiah reminds me of every other Snape we know. *grins* Perhaps not all, but all I like!
My friends left today... I was really sad. We had a great time! Well, sometimes we just sat there and wrote something or read something, but I didn't mind, and neither did she, I guess.

Anyway... me whining is not the sole purpose of this entry.

I've got a new chapter of Calling of the Shadows

Chapter 1 – Back to school, back to normal?

Harry collapsed on the ground, obviously in pain.
“POTTER!” called the transfigurations teacher. The boy writhed on the floor, eyes tightly shut. He curled up into a ball and tears were flowing down his cheeks.
“I’m taking Mr Potter to the Hospital Wing, class dismissed!” called McGonagall and levitated the now unconscious teen on a stretcher.
Still Hermione was standing in front of the teacher’s desk, staring shocked at the floor. The spell she had cast at Harry shouldn’t have caused him that much pain.
She had done something terribly wrong, it seemed.
“Ms Granger?” asked the teacher, stopping for a moment. “Ms Granger!”
Hermione’s heard jerked up and she stared at the witch, her lower lip trembling.
“Ms Granger, perhaps you want to come with us to the Hospital Wing.”
Hermione gave a sharp nod and followed the floating stretcher and the deputy headmistress.
Hermione mumbled useless apologies all the way up to the infirmary and sighed from time to time.
“Poppy! Poppy, Mr Potter needs your undivided attention!”
The nurse gave her colleague a smile. “You let me decide on this and I won’t tell you how to teach your students, alright?”
But when she saw the teen she gasped and motioned for Minerva to levitate the boy on a bed. “That’s unusual for your class. Very unusual accident!”
“I don’t think it was an accident. We were practicing the Umbra Spell.”
Poppy nodded and wrinkled her nose. “You didn’t have Neville Longbottom to cast in on Mr Potter, did you? Or Seamus Finnegan?”
“No, actually it was Miss Granger!”
The nurse stared at the girl with the downcast expression on her face. “I’m sorry, Professor!”
McGonagall gave Hermione a small smile. “No, Hermione. Don’t apologise, it is alright!”
Hermione nodded and then continued staring on her shoes.
“So, let’s look what we can do for Mr Potter then!” sighed Madam Pomfrey and sat Harry’s glasses on the nightstand.

After about two hours Harry woke up and tried to sit up. He fingered for his glasses on the nightstand and sat them back on his nose.

It took some time until Harry had straightened himself a bit. He looked accusingly at Hermione and then grimaced with pain.
“What did you do? Transformed my bones into hot molten lava? Ouch… and my skin… what the fuck happened to my hands?”
Harry stared at one large bony hand and then lifted the other one to stare at it as well.
“What the fuck happened?” asked Harry, his voice raw and too high. “And what’s wrong with my voice?”
McGonagall sighed and let her gaze rest on Harry. “That is none of Miss Granger’s fault. The spell just should not be mixed with certain… other spells. Of course I would not have let you taken part in this part of the lesson if I had known about your… condition!”
The teen looked up at his teacher, realizing that his sight was a bit blurry.
“What do you mean… my condition? What is this condition? I’m not aware of any spells used on me that could not be compatible with the Umbra Transformation?”
Hermione bit on her lower lip again and you could almost see how her mind checked all possibilities over and over again, putting all the jigsaw pieces together.
“So, it is true then? Harry’s not…?”
The transfigurations teacher looked at the student, pausing a moment before she nodded. “Yes, he is.”
“But why didn’t the headmaster just…”
“What should I have done, Miss Granger?” chuckled the elderly wizard.
Hermione turned around and looked in those unreadable blue twinkling eyes. “Sir, Lavender Brown was excused from this lesson. Why wasn’t Harry excused from class? And why wasn’t Professor McGonagall informed about his state?”
The headmaster sat down and smiled. Harry wanted to punch him.
“Miss Granger, no one was aware of Mr Potter’s state so no one could have been informed about it. James and Lily never told me that Harry wasn’t their biological son.”
Harry gasped and fell off the bed.
“WHAT?” he yelled, fury written in his features. “I am not… Harry Potter?” He tried to pick himself up and realized that everything on his body was longer than before. He grasped the bed frame and somehow managed to sat down on the bed.
“You are adopted, Harry!” whispered Hermione.
“That means I am not Harry Potter!” shrieked Harry. “Who am I? Who am I, if not Harry Potter? I have never been anyone else…! What the fuck…”
The teen shook his head and groaned.
“My dear boy, I of course asked for the adoption papers, but as it seems that your biological parents made no demand for the spells to be removed at any time, the official papers were destroyed after 15 years. However, your parents might have known.”
Everyone stared at Harry.
“And now?” he asked, desperately for any advice.
“Now you will rest! The transformation is not yet completed. By about the end of the week you will be your… hem… what you were meant to be.”
The door was pushed open and Snape entered the hospital ward with a sour expression on his face.
“Here is the special concoction you asked me for,” said the Potions master in his ever so bored and disgusted tone. He eyed the teen on the bed warily. What could have changed Potter like that? It was obvious that this was Potter and it was obvious that he had changed. But how had he got himself in deep trouble again?
“Well Potter, got in trouble again? If you got a Galleon for each time, you’d be a Millionaire by now!”
“Too bad that no one would pay for it!” replied Harry. He glared at Snape but it missed its effect because he missed him by about a foot. Angrily he threw his useless glasses away. “Hermione… could you help me to find the way to the tower?”
Madam Pomfrey cleared her throat. “Well, that’s something I just was about to mention… test I’ve been running have shown that you most certainly won’t need you glasses, but bigger clothes. You will be a bit taller than even now.”
“What?” asked Harry disbelievingly. “Even taller than now?” He’d never been tall… and now he should grow in just some days. “This is going to be painful, isn’t it?”
The nurse handed him six vials with a deep red potion. “These should last for about four days. It’s a painkiller and sleeping draught. The transformations should be faster when you sleep. But don’t take more than two doses a day, understood?”
The teen nodded. “I just hope that I will, at least, still be a guy when I wake up the next time!” snorted Harry, trying to gain control of his defiant body.
“Gender changing spells can only be cast on a child during the twelve hours after giving birth. And what would be the point in changing the gender of a child you don’t even want to have?” sneered Snape. A creepy grin ghosted over his lips. “So we gladly won’t have to deal with a PMS-ing boy-who-turned-girl-and-still-won’t-die!
“Right, Snape… ‘m glad that some things will never change!” murmured Harry, allowing Hermione to help him to his feet. “So, I’ll be off now. Slowly Hermione, I’m tripping over my own feet!”
“That’s nothing new!” answered Hermione.
“You must be mistaking me for Ron!” replied the raven-haired teen, smiling a bit to hide the pain written on his face.


A strange dream, or memory, plagued Harry that night in his sleep.
He saw his parents, standing in the nursery and very upset they were.
“Why won’t you tell me?” asked Lily.
“Why would you want to know?” spat James.
“You know it, don’t you?” screamed the woman at Potter.
She picked Harry up, held him close, almost like a shield against the aggressive words.
“I need to know it! I need to know who gave birth to our little boy!”
“He is our little boy! You don’t need to know who are his biological parents!”
“You know them, don’t you? You know who they are and you know them!”
“Yes, I do! Yes I do and I wish I wouldn’t!” answered James in a load and harsh voice. Defeat was written in his eyes. “Don’t make me tell you, Lily! I know your good heart… it would break, love…”

I'll update on ff.net tomorrow.
It's late...
By the way... James does not know the whole truth, just a tiny little bit!

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I don't really now how to continue yet, but I hope I'll have some idea by monday!
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