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24 March 2005 @ 10:47 am
Creative burst  
Well, just finished my fist Stargate:Atlantis FF ever.
Alright, that was only a drabble, but I like it!
Some day I might even translate it for you...
Anyway, I've seen way too much Stargate lately... I'm starting to wear bandanas! Right now I only have one, but I hope there are more to come.

And know I'm going to draw some cartoon for Feff and her page... hope she's gonna like it!
Alright, shower first...

My mum bought socks for me... the first pair had tree trippes on them. The next "NY".
The next had a tribal pattern on them and the last one...
...Che Guevera...
That's pretty cool! Sort of indiviual.


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