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Just rambling... about toys

So, I finally installed Semagic and Mobydock again.
Dude, I must not become to involved with this baby, I want my own computer and it'll be hell to set up all the stuff I'm setting up here.
I already customized my Mobydock with Firefox, Thuderbird, Photoshop, Semagic, Trillian...
It doesn't quite live up to task bar with Systemtray and STP (System Tray Player) but... OMG! Is that tiny little clock showing the actual time...?
Hell, it is! I just love this!
Give a girl her gadget and make her all... giddy?
Additionally I have installed a clock analogous clock on my desktop and PostIts.
I need to find thousands of little pictures and edit them to make this baby look as well as it can, but that just adds to the fun, doesn't it?
Guys, the little clock! *squees over the tiny little clock* When I hover over it, it shows me the day, date and the icon itself shows me the time!
What? My analogues clock... it's making noise every full hour. Oh my God! And I can make it move around the desktop. Or it can tick. Or be used as an alarm clock.
Holly mother of Golly! This is just amazing!
Here I have a little screenie for you:

Just click for a larger Version...

The background is just how I imagine Spock's mind to look like. All calm and grounded, comfortable, just like an old forest, but with emotions spiking up like flames or flowers or both...
Just a little doodle in Photoshop with my Wacom.

Uhm... later I might give you a review of the days with Fe and Jules.
Right now I'm ready to crash!
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