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25 March 2005 @ 05:08 pm
Learning another language...  
I'm learning Gaelic now.
After English, Latin, Klingon and Egyptian, this is my fifth attempt to learn a foreign language.
But I'm optimistic!
I'm not too bad at English...
And I faild at:
-Latin is just crap anyway...
-I was too young when I tried to learn Klingon...
-and the Book about Hieroglyphs I ordered never showed up.

So, I found some website which does teach you Gaelic little by little. And there are sound examples!
I have a long long way to go (I'm at unit 3... of twenty-something) and I'm not even only talking about my progress with the units at the website...

By the way... I guess you noticed that I changed my LJ's style... I'm a bit experimenting with everything.

I've recently posted a new fanfic and some fanart at beckett_mckay. It's for the Stargate Atlantis Slashers among you. Perhaps you can look at it and leave some comment, thank you!

Gaelic sound examples