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26 March 2005 @ 11:44 pm
Guess who I saw today...  
All four of 'em!

You don't believe me?
Okay... I live near a lot of fields and there are a lot of rabbits out there.
And just now when my Mum fetched me up from theatre (one of the actors looked a lot like Beckett from SGA...) and we drove home, we saw one rabbit crossing the street.
A few feet later there were two more of them crossing the street.
And just another few feet later a fourth rabbit crossed the street.

Uhm, it's already quarter to midnight here, so we didn't saw any more rabbits out there, but I guess they've been either hiding eggs, or looking for them. (Or reproducing...)

So... I'm gonna write and sleep and make screenshots now, so good night!


Stargate Atlantis - "The Eye"