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08 September 2006 @ 03:03 pm
This world is unfair.  
Man, I don't get it.
At first I got the Peg-Con Ticket for my birthday which is about 200 bucks. Then my Mum gave me 500 bucks additionally. I thought, wow. That must include a lot of money for my quite good school report.
Now, when the Con was canceled I thought: "Okay. Mum'll get the money for the ticket, including the money for the hotel (60 bucks) I paid from my own money. It's only fair."
Hey, it's fair 'cause it's still 440 for my birthday and that is more than what I usually got at the most.
Now. Today is when it became unfair.
My sister got an E-Bass. I don't know the exact price, but I overheard my Mum saying something along the lines of at least 400 for the thing.
Great. I knew that if my sister got a D or better in Latin in her school report this semester she'd get such a thing.
First of all she's got a F in Latin.
Second of all she's got a grade point average of about 2.7. That's not quite a +C. I've got an average not quite a +B.
Her birthday was a little more than seven months ago, or rather will be in five months. Christmas in four.
She only got a new piano teacher. She's also playing the (MY! I fucking started playing and now she's got MY instrument) violin. Now she can go and start playing a third instrument?
She's behaving like a troll most of the time! Her outfit is almost whorish, doesn't agree with her unless she loses about twenty kilos and she's only thirteen. And she's ordering things on the internet with money that isn't hers, only situated on a bank account that may be labled with her name, or even perhaps only our last name.

Let's sum it up: I got about the same amount of money for my birthday my sister got for her crappy school report?
Or rather: I got about the same amount of money for my school report as my sister who's a grades are worse than mine who for the first time in years have really improved, leaving NOTHING for my birthday?
Or rather: My sister can do WHAT she wants, play the bitch the whole fucking day and still gets what she wants?
FUCK! I'm leaving!

True, my pocket money went up 10 bucks a month. But I guess my sister'll get a similiar raise.
Of course, my driving licence costed 999 bucks so far and there can be easily another 200 coming up in that matter. But that was *planned*.
My mother saved for it for some years. There was no surprise that this would come.
The E-Bass is a total surprise.

I mailed my Dad and we had a day with intensive mail-contact. I also mentioned my plans for my computer and he replied that he was sorry and that he couldn't help me with that. There is a little problem with arranging the money for him right now because things are a bit expensive right now. I don't want to get mean, but he didn't have to adopt two more children, did he?
Anyway, I didn't expect any help from him and I got 250 bucks for my 17th birthday from him. That's okay.

For christmas my sister and I'll get the diving equipement part I so we can start in March or something. The whole equipement will cost about 400 bucks. Persistent little figure, isn't it?
Anyway, I think I'll cancel my participation.

Man, am I really the only one of the two of us trying to be at least a bit modest? I'm not talking about my sister stealing my money years ago, that's a different story. I'm talking about her not looking left and right and never thinking twice if the reward she gets suits the things she does! Or is this really only me seeing it that distorted because right now I'm in this postition?
It makes me sick!
Bastards of Bodom
( Have you seen my meds? )
cuxifecuxife on September 9th, 2006 03:31 pm (UTC)
*flausch* Das ist echt irgendwie nicht gerecht...das immer so Momente, wo man sich fragt, wieso man Geschwister hat *g*
Ich kenne das und ich hasse sowas auch, weil ich finde, dass man die Kids gleich behandeln sollte *knuddel*
the oncoming whirlwind: me: mephisto - spiritscap3goat on September 9th, 2006 03:54 pm (UTC)
Naja, werd Mum mal drauf ansprechen, wie das zu dem E-Bass kam, weil Franzi das mit der vier in Latein ja glorreich verpatzt hat. (Ich glaub nicht wirklich dran, dass es nur an der Lehrerin liegt, die ihr böserweise die 5 anstatt der vier gegeben hat. Auch wenn die Lehrerin ne blöde Kuh ist.)
Mal schaun. Vll. sag ich ihr dann auch, dass ich es etwas unfair find, dass Franzi trotz nicht-erreichen des Ziels was kriegt (und pädagogisch Contraproduktiv XD)