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29 March 2005 @ 11:07 pm
Hey, noagirl! Got the translations...  
I'm too lazy to write a mail.
So, I volunteered to translate some German lyrics (Wir sind wir, song sung by Paul van Dyk and Peter Heppner) for noagirl and now I'm finished and because I'm to lazy to write a mail, I just post 'em here.

Live with it or die!

Day by day, year by year
When I'm wandering these streets,
I see the ruins of this town
resurrecting to be buildings again.

But many windows remain empty,
For many there was no return.
And things that just have been
you'd rather not talk about today.

But I ask, I ask myself who we are.

We are we! We're standin' here!
Divided, conquered and all the same,
we are still alive after all.

We are we! We're standin' here!
That just cannot have been all.
No time for being sad.
We are we! We're standin' here!
We are we!

Resurrected from the ruins
we thought, we made a dream come true.
40 years we worked along.
We made ashes to become gold.

Now everything is different again
And what has been, isn't worth anything at all.
Now we can have everything we wanted
But didn't we actually want even more?

And I ask, I ask myself where we are standing.

We are we! We're standin' here!
United in our land again,
super-rich and cleared out.

We are we! We're standin' here!
We will not be crushed this fast,
no time for being bitter.
We are we! We're standin' here!
We are we!

We are we! We're standin' here!
Divided, conquered and all the same,
we are still existent after all.

We are we!
And will make it through,
because life just has to go on.

We are we!
That's just a foul run.
We will not give up this early after all?

Cannot say that I'm all too happy and satisfied with my translation, it's too close to the text to be good. Sometimes it sounds a bit humble.

I'm not very happy with my life right now and feel pushed around by everyone!
You know, there is everyone expecting me to do something! (not your fault, noagirl, love! I'm happy about the exercise translating that gave me!)
My mum's hinting that I should do more for school, but I can't blame her about that too much because I never do anything for school. That's just the problem!
They want me to be good in school and to learn and anything and I'm too intelligent to fail miserably, so I just live on, doing hardly anything for school and anything else.
I'm waiting for the blow to come, but there is no blow!
I'm waiting and waiting and meanwhile all those people around me are stinging me in the side 'til... until I bleed from uncountable little wounds. Well, not really... that's just a image, you know...
They push me around "you've gotta do this and that and that and this...".
Or they don't tell me and so I have to push myself! I have to remind me to be a good girl so no one's ever gonna get angry at me. And then I start to hate myself for restricting myself.
I just wanna quit! I just wanna quit that bloody job, go away and start all over again. Except that my life is no job!
I'm so screwed. This life is so twisted and wrong you could almost believe that it's been right all the time.
Broken over and over and over again, or at least bend to the limit.
Naw, 'm not broken yet.

Not yet...


'm feeling pushed again...
'm feeling pushed again...
Die Toten Hosen - Pushed again
( Have you seen my meds? )
(Deleted comment)
the oncoming whirlwindscap3goat on March 30th, 2005 02:51 pm (UTC)
Thanks for the cookies! (Need them for writing! *ggg*)
'm glad I could help!