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25 November 2006 @ 03:04 pm
meme snatched from _che_shire_cat_  
Make a list of all the characters in your icons. (Although you may have more than one icon of a single character, they only go on the list once.) Alphabetize it. Take the first two people on the list; that's your first pairing. Second two people; second pairing. etc.


  1. Mephisto!Me

  2. Carson Beckett (from Stargate: Atlantis)

  3. Sekhmet/Lioness (from Egyptian mythology)

  4. Radek Zelenka (from Stargate: Atlantis)

  5. John Sheppard (from Stargate: Atlantis)

  6. The German flag (from the flagpole ^.-)

  7. Rodney McKay (from Stargate: Atlantis)

  8. Gerbil

  9. Alan Rickman

  10. Jon Bon Jovi

  11. Comic!Me

  12. Jule (my love)

  13. John Doggett (from The X-Files)

  14. Me

  15. Mephisto (from Faust)

  16. Heinrich Faust (from Faust)

  17. Gustaf Gründgens

  18. Spock (from Star Trek: Original Series)

  19. Leonard H. McCoy (from Star Trek: Original Series)

  20. Sarek (from Star Trek)

  21. Hamlet (from the Shakespeare play)

  22. The "Have a nice Day" Smilie

Alphabetic List

  1. Alan Rickman

  2. Carson Beckett

  3. Gerbil

  4. German Flag

  5. Comic!Me

  6. Gustaf Gründgens

  7. Hamlet

  8. "Have a nice Day"-Smilie

  9. Heinrich Faust

  10. John Doggett

  11. John Sheppard

  12. Jon Bon Jovi

  13. Jule

  14. Leonard H. McCoy

  15. Me

  16. Mephisto

  17. Mephisto!Me

  18. Radek Zelenka

  19. Rodney McKay

  20. Sarek

  21. Sekhmet

  22. Spock

1. Alan Rickman/Carson Beckett
Uhm... no? I usually don't do RPS (=real people slash).

2. Gerbil/German Flag
Haha! I try to imagine THAT! *gg*

3. Comic!Me/Gustaf Gründgens
Uhm, well? *g* Sounds interesting.

4. Hamlet/"Have a nice Day"-Smilie
Hamlet won't be too happy about that...

5. Heinrich Faust/John Doggett
Old literature meeting hot FBI-Agent? Yep, that could do.

6. John Sheppard/Jon Bon Jovi
What did I say about RPS?

7. Jule/Leonard H. McCoy
T_T How could she? Would she?

8. Me/Mephisto
That's... honestly, like No.3 reversed?

9.Mephisto!Me/Radek Zelenka
*hrr* Seducing the innocent... although I don't believe he's innocent.

10. Rodney McKay/Sarek
They'd drive each other up the wall!

11. Sekhmet/Spock
That's some idea... *hrr*

It's my Life - Bon Jovi (Faust music video)