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06 December 2006 @ 08:59 pm
stolen from noctuabunda  
Just for fun, go to http://www.google.com and do a search for the phrase "____ needs" (in doublequotes as shown). In the place of the blank, enter your name. Record the top ten results of what you need and share with your friends on your journal. Who knew you had so many needs?

1) Monika needs another language. She is badly, fatally hurt. The apocalyptic, the inflammatory, the controversial and contradictory -Monika cannot afford them this evening. There is no love without rage, that is why the script is ridiculous. Love and Rage' the four-letter furnace that will torch the stage sofa and consume them all. Monika wants to destroy Gustav. Gustav, to survive Monika's rage, has to have not nine but infinite lives. In the room next door, Tatiana and Claudine watch Terminator on the TV reassemble himself after multiplewoundings.
What the fuck? XD Unloved. That's woah...

2) Monika needs a new desk.
Well, I could use a new one...

3) At this point, the contraction runs out and Monika needs to rest again. This allows our intrepid photographer to get the incredible shot of a half born baby...
Oi... nope... perhaps later in life... with thirty... fourty... or never?

4) Monika needs, htt://rambler.ru, magix musik maker full download, drivers de scanner hp 3200c gratis para xp, AntiMosquitos v2.01 nokia
Do I??????? *confused*

5) Monika needs download patch of alchemy mu online, D-link network adapter DFX-538tx, CoD 2 crack no cd
Come again?

6) Monika needs to learn to log herself out ...

7) Monika needs, downloads cheating deads 4.20, installer deep freeze gratuit, download free jem - they mp3, CHEAT NETWORK CS1.6, serial do nfs mostwanted
Going on my nerves now...

8) Monika needs to do something with that hair and manly voice before she has my vote
Manly voice? I can assure you I can scream like a girl...

9) Monika needs your advice as to what are the legal consequences of her relations
Relations to whom? What?

10) Monika needs to rid of all her cut hair, so she uses her Temari fan to blow it all away.
What? This is crazy...
Rod Stewart - I fooled around and fell in love