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08 January 2007 @ 10:15 pm
New years song meme  
The horoskoS (tm), as invented by neongelbgruen and seen at ninnui's journal...

The Rules: First you will open all your music in one playlist, set your player on shuffle and it will tell you your song for the year:

Year 2007: Rosenstolz feat. Nina Hagen - Schwarze Witwe
Uhm, well? Black widow?

Then you'll get bored and you'll do a forecast for every month:

January: Marilyn Manson - The Nobodies
Yeah, uhm, kinda stressful month with loads of nervous breakdowns to come. XD

February: Bon Jovi - All about loving you
*Awwww* That song makes me still cry from time to time. It was on the radio every friggin' day of my one-week internship during ninth grade.

March: Chris De Burgh - Read my name
What's going to go on in March I wonder?

April: Wise Guys - Das war gut (mach das nochmal)
XD April is my last month of serious school. But I'm not gonna repeat the school year!

May: Bon Jovi - Last Cigarette
Last month of school. *whee* Goodbye of school? Maybe it'll be hard to let go after all...

Regrets are all you left on your lipstick stains. Take a picture of our past, they're not as straight...

June: Subway to Sally - Das Opfer
What? Come again?

July: Evanescence - Even in Death
*meep* First something about a sacrifice and now DEATH???

August: Reinhard Mey - Du bist die Stille
I hope August will be very quiet...

September: Rod Stewart - Forever young
Forever free, perhaps? I still don't know what will be between July and January...

October: Dido - Here with me

November: Letzte Instanz - Sandmann
A very sad song about growing up...

December: Rod Stewart - Faith of the Heart
Beautiful song. *sniff*

New Years Eve 2007: Placebo - A song to say goodbye
*wh00t!* That could mean that I'll be off to work the next day!
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe - Vor dem Tor (Osterspaziergang)