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10 January 2007 @ 11:57 pm
Fuck Fandom...  
I think I'd better quit Torchwood now.
There's nothing I can do in that fandom anyway - apart from writing cheesy chick-flick-mushy-friendship-stories. There's no bunnies for romance possible because we all know that Gwen and Owen were only fucking and Jack and Ianto are too occupied with their own sorry arses in deep shit to care for each other. And Tosh? Well, if Owen can't love Gwen he hardly will fall in love with a mousy little computer girl. Not that I have anything against computer girls, but he's too arrogant to really love someone just for the sake of love.

So, no romance. And it looks like my really big bunny is about to die, too, 'cause I've got no idea of the "Whoniverse" and the key elements of my idea are just so not-canon that everything crumbles like a dry castle of sand in the breeze. That just... *argh*
I've got a really good idea about wasted lives, broken dreams and a man who just cannot comprehend that this future (which isn't meant to be, by the way) is just his fault, in a sort of way.
But that's it. I declare the bunny dead on 23:43 on Wednesday, January 10th 2007. May you rest in peace, in the end you only tortured yourself - and me, you damn annoying fucker!
John Barrowman - Proud Of Your Boy