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11 February 2007 @ 03:56 am
Watching "Das Kuckucksei/Torch Song Trilogy". Harvey Fierstein reminds me of Michael Hochstrasser who's played the naked Mephisto in Nuremberg.
*awwww* Teh cuteness.
Alan, don't do it with Ed. DON'T!
Now he's going to die. Read it on IMDB.
Arnold is so wonderful. XD


Mh, writing some Doctor Who/Torchwood FanFic. Meaningless stuff...
Almost finished with my Dr. Who music video.


I would love some intelligent things to do. Or food. Too lazy for that...
I should sleep, after the week I've had had, but I'm to awake for that.
We were in Würzburg, our Drama Group. Wednesday to Friday.
We went out on Wednesday evening, had some drinks. I had three cocktails then and one without alcohol.
On Thrusday evening we had some wine in the Youth Hostel. I had about a quarter litre of red wine, then two Caipirinha at a bar. It was a great evening.
Xandria - So you disapear