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21 February 2007 @ 05:11 am
My name is ridden, angst-ridden...  
Oh, no, not me, folks!
But I've taken up on writing very angsty fanfic again.
I "blame" planetkiller for it 'cause she wanted me to write Barty/Jack and Barty/Ten and I ended up writing psycho-Barty/Jack and Jack/Ten in a overall Barty/Jack/Ten story.
The angsty Beckett/Weir for ukumai was easy afterwards.
Then I started the story for the "Pain"-prompt on 20_est_relships and that's just... you can smell the pain and anguish in it...
"The unknown of primal fear..."

I love it! I love writing angsty!fanfic and I haven't been able to for too long.


Speaking of which:
The MDR (Multifandom Drabble Request - don't confuse it with the German TV-Station) is still open. Request away!

So far I've written for:


"Radek/John. :D Future fic."


Beckett/Weir written in German


"Barty/Captain Jack! [...]" Part 1 & Part 2
"[...]or if you want really cracktastic Barty/Ten." which turned out to be Barty/Jack with Jack/Ten in an overall Barty/Jack/Ten
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