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17 April 2007 @ 04:24 pm
What a surprise...  
... Dad said he won't come to sis' confirmation because of stuff. I don't know what stuff, but I don't care anyway.
Serious, that guy can wrap all his apologies up to a nice roll and shove 'em up his...

Darlin', should we ever decide to validate our union (I love that expression. It's just so fucking ridiculous! XD) he won't get invited.
Yay! I can finally use the "pissed off" mood... but I certainly need a "pissed off" icon...

Expect a travel report about Croatia soon. Maybe this evening, maybe tomorrow.
And you really don't want to come on whitsun, dear? I'll kick university's ass twice for you...
pissed off
pissed off
where my soul rests bed
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