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23 April 2007 @ 01:24 pm
My weekend...  
... started on Friday.
I had to write the last Religious Education exam before the finals. I learned and stuff and I decided that going out that evening would only be fair...
There was a party called "Pink Friday" and I think you can guess from the name what the "theme" was. Dear Lord, I never saw so cliches in one room. Honestly, so many men in tight shirts and trousers and so many women with extraordinarly short hair.
I had fun. Danced some (they played house and 70s/80s), had two Gin Tonic and went home about three in the morning.

I slept till nine and then till 12. We had to prepare ourselfs for my sister's confirmation then. Means, cleaning the house, preparing the food and stuff. Well, actually we went to confession first. With protestants that is a service the day before confirmation for the families. Well, it was... hm... it made me think. A lot.
We went out for dinner with grandma and my uncle for dinner. I even ate brokkoli. I still don't like it, but I ate it.
After that I had to peel four pounds of asparagus. Mum prepared the cakes.
I should have gone to bed early but it was three in the morning (again) when I went.

Sunday I had to get up 0730. It was hard...
Well, guess what. The stuff I wore on my confirmation still fits. And it looks good on me. I took some photos.
We went out for lunch around 12 o'clock. It was delicious. We had five-course-menu and ate until 4 o'clock. When we came home we didn't have tea, only dinner some time later.